Enhance your folder icons on the Mac.

  1. -Enhance folder icons with the pictures or text

  1. -Apply color effects and adjust opacity

  1. -Place text and images exactly where you want them on the folder icon

  1. -Write text in any font, size or color

  1. -Replace original folder icons with the picture, text or both

- Compose unique folder icons within seconds.

Changing looks of the folder with Folder Factory is effortless. Drag the selected folder into application’s window, attach a picture, write text, modify colors or opacity and place everything exactly where you want it on the folder icon. Entertaining folders will increase productivity, improve your working environment and lift up your mood every time you turn your Mac on. Use it for your folders to make them truly exceptional!


Folder Factory is an easy-to-use app for changing looks of any folder on your Mac. Having exceptional folders will help you to keep your working environment organized and tidy. Groups of similar folders may now have a matching color, picture or text. Besides, eye-catching folders are easy to find in your working environment, as it captures the attention in the blink of an eye.

Folder Factory

  1. -Attach pictures and write text on the

   folder icons.

- Apply color effects and adjust opacity.

  1. -Replace original folder icons with your image or text.

  1. -Place pictures and text exactly where you want them on the folder icon.


Folder Factory

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