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Frame King


- Converts your images and photos to the most popular file formats in a fast and convenient way.

- Changes the file names and the size of your images in the blink of an eye.

- Easily converts hundreds of photos just by one click.

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- Attach pictures and write text on the folder icons.

- Apply color effects and adjust opacity.

- Replace original folder icons with your image or text.

- Place pictures and text exactly where you want them on the folder icon.

- Apply more than 20 incredible effects and filters.

- Add text to personalize or dedicate your photos.

- Use editing tools for the finishing touches.

Smart Image Converter

Folder Factory

Image Effector

- Choose from a variety of frame templates that support multiple photos in a single frame.

- Select one of 30 built-in frame designs, choose color or use transparent frame.

  1. -Add text anywhere on the framed photos.

- Use frames in a square, widescreen or rectangular shape.

- Slice images into rectangular, triangular, diamond, brick-layout and puzzle shapes.

- Use slices for web pages, Keynote presentations, Pages documents, social media or other projects.

- Print images with dotted lines for manual slicing straight from the app.

Tile Photos FX

- Change names, sizes and formats of multiple images at once.

- Add logos to your pictures.

  1. -Write text on your photos in custom fonts, colors and sizes.

  1. -Copyright your snapshots with watermarks.

Photo Watermark Converter

  1. -Import your photo or take a quick snapshot with a FaceTime camera.

  1. -Adjust the photo.

  1. -Share your money with all your friends!

iShare Money

Splash Colors FX turns your photos into black & white and then allows you to breathe a new life into them by revealing the original colors of certain objects.

Splash Colors FX

  1. -Copy items from different folders.

  1. -Use the keyboard shortcut.

  1. -Paste all the items at once.

Copy Assistant

Screenshot FX allows you to take a precise screenshot of any object from your screen. Whatever the shape it might be.

All-new approach to screenshots