Smart way for converting and resizing your pictures,

images and photos on Mac OS X


It is a simple-to-use App for saving your time. You can just drag your images or photos to the App window and you will be able to do more than you expect in such a short time.

- Change the file names for hundreds of images and photos in seconds.

- Change the image size for plenty of images or photos just by one click.

- Convert Your current images to PNG, JPEG, GIF, TIFF file formats.

- Convert Your images from PNG, JPG, GIF, TIFF, PSD, ICNS file formats.

The app can be used for one separate function or the functions can be combined and all the tasks can be completed at once.

Smart Image Converter 2.0

- Converts your images and photos to the most popular file formats in a fast and convenient way.

- Changes the file names and the size of your images in the blink of an eye.

- Easily converts hundreds of photos just by one click.


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  1. -If you want just to change the file names for hundreds of images or photos on your Mac - it's really fast.


- If your images need to be resized - it's really easy.

- If you prefer your images in different file format - it's really simple.

The main advantage of Smart Image Converter is clear usage, just a few simple settings and fast results with only a few clicks.

Accurately grouped images will help you not to lose way among thousands of photos on your Mac.

Smart Image Converter is a fast, simple and easy-to-use App for every Mac user!

Smart Image Converter


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