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Watermark FX simplifies tasks that are performed every day by many people, including photographers, designers and other professionals or day-to-day users. The application has been designed to touch up multiple pictures at once and helps to copyright, edit, change formats, sizes, names and much more to hundreds of photos and images in a few simple steps.

- Import your PNG, JPEG, GIF, TIFF, PSD and ICNS pictures.

- Change names and sizes.

- Add high-quality watermarks to your photos.

- Use existing images as logos to your pictures.

- Write text on your pictures in custom fonts, colors or sizes.

- Protect your snapshots with waterlines.

  1. -Convert images into PNG, JPEG, GIF and TIFF formats.

Watermark FX provides an efficient way to modify hundreds of images at once, instead of converting every picture individually. Besides, the application is versatile and combines all the tools that are required to edit, copyright and convert your images - all straight from Watermark FX.

Watermark FX

  1. -Change names, sizes and formats of multiple

   images at once.

  1. -Add logos to your pictures.

  1. -Write text on your photos in custom fonts,

   colors and sizes.

- Copyright your snapshots with watermarks.


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