Reinvent your Photos

Splash Colors FX turns your photos into black & white and then allows you to breathe a new life into them by revealing the original colors of certain objects. So you can highlight the most important parts of your photos and give them new, electrifying look.

Every Stroke Matters

Splash Colors FX uses a dynamic brush to reveal the original colors of your photos. You can adjust blur and opacity levels of the brush strokes or zoom and adjust the brush size for extra accuracy around the edges and while working with small objects. On top of that, Splash Colors FX contains adjustable stunning effects that will put some final touches on your photos and will make them truly remarkable.

Sharing Photos with Friends

Share your marvelous photos on Facebook, Twitter, Flickr or send them via Mail and Messages. Splash Colors FX also works with iPhoto, so you can add your finished photos to iPhoto library straight from the app and then share them with your friends in a Shared Photo Stream.