Smart way for converting and resizing your pictures,

images and photos on Mac OS X


Your original images from your folders or from iPhoto will not be affected during the process of converting.

  1. 1.Drag and drop your images onto the working area of the application window. Alternatively, use “Import images” button to import images into Smart Image Converter.

  1. 2.Smart Image Converter can change the name, the size and the format of your images.

            2.1 Changing file names:

                a) Select “Leave current names” to convert your images without changing the

                    file names.

                b) Select “Change current names” to enter a new name for your images in

                    the text box. The converter will change the name of all your images. The

                    order number will appear next to the name as well.

                c) Select “Add text to current names” to add extra text to the existing

                    names of all your images. Enter additional text for your images in the text


            2.2 “Change size” checkbox enables size-changing feature. In order to

                    constrain the proportions of the images, only width or height can be

                    changed at one time.

                a) Select “Width in pixels” to enter width for your images.

                b) Select “Height in pixels” to enter height for your images.

            2.3 Images can be converted into PNG, JPEG, GIF and TIFF formats. Choose the

                  format and click “Convert” button to start the conversion of your images.

3. The conversion time depends on the number of imported images and enabled

    features. ! Progress bar is available in the pop-up window. You can cancel the

    conversion process at ! any time by clicking “Cancel” button. Pop-up window will

    notify you when the conversion is completed.

  1. 4.Click “Open output folder” to open the folder with all the converted files. Even if

    the conversion was canceled, some images still can be converted and it is advised to

    check the output folder.

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