Frame photos, pictures or images and make amazing collages on Mac OS X


Frame King helps to integrate several photos into the single frame and compose a unique picture composition. It can be saved on the Mac and used for integration into websites, Keynote presentations or Pages documents. Furthermore, pictures can be shared with friends and colleagues via e-mail or on any social network. Frame King has intuitive layout and is easy to use. Photos can be uploaded with drag-and-drop ease and all the features are at hand.

The main features of Frame King:

  1. -Frame templates that support multiple photos in the single frame;


Frame King 1.0

Create amazing collages with Frame King:

  1. -Combine multiple photos into the single frame.

  1. -Add text anywhere on the pictures.

  1. -Modify frame size, colors and apply designs or transparency.

- Enhance photos with rounded corners or shadows.


Frame King 1.0

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  1. -Adjustable frame borders between photos;

- Drag-and-drop ease to import photos;

- Selection of frame color, design and even transparency;

- Custom frame sizes and shapes;

- Colorful strokes around photos;

- Rounded corners;

- Colorful text and marvelous font styles;

- Shadows on the pictures and the text;

- Saving in most popular file formats.

Exciting and fun Frame King is perfect for making collages on Mac OS X.